International Shipping

Shipment information:

For international shipments we have found that US Airmail are the best value. E-mail us with item(s) required and destination. We will provide estimate of shipping cost. Approximate cost is $25 US for 1 lb (1/2 Kg).

The above is an estimate only. Actual cost will be billed at our cost plus $5.00 US. Cost does not include any tariffs (VAT) in the receiving country. Advise us if you are cruising. We will mark the invoice “Vessel in Transit” Because of high shipping volume during the holidays, we do not ship from November 25 until December 31.

Contact us with what you would like to order and will you provide you with a prompt quote on total cost.

E-Mail: (best way to contact)
Phone: (530) 344-7887. (US Pacific time zone. GMT +8 Hrs.)

For international shipments we accept PayPal only ( Our account is:

We will also can ship Fed Ex. The cost is 2 to 4 times of US Mail. If you want Fed Ex you will need to provide your own FedEx account number for billing.

We will need the following information: