Customer Comments

Religiously, every year I change my raw water impeller. This year after the change your alarm sounded just outside of our marina. We shut down the engine and dropped anchor to evaluate the problem. My brand new impeller had disintegrated! It must be true: “no good deed goes unpunished”. Because of your alarm, our punishment was only a minor inconvenience, not a total disaster.
Peter J.
Seattle, Washington
Your product is very well thought out and a great addition to the boat
Chris N.
Your system is good, simple to install design. This is the most important alarm you can have on boats with wet exhaust systems. Keep up the good work
Peter J.
Oxnard, California
I have just completed the install of the alarm packages I bought from you. The install was simple. The combination of the High water alarms next to the Engine raw water alarms looks professional and all seems to work fine. I hope I never have to use them! I feel now that they are some of the cheapest insurance and peace of mind on my boat I can buy! Thanks for the professionalism!
Travis L.